Science Fiction: How much of what we read and watch is pure fiction and how much is based on real science. Will our future mirror the ideas of science fiction writers. I’m a geneticist, amateur astronomer  and part time student in the Centre for Science Communication at the University of Otago. I also happen to have a serious passion for all things Science Fiction. But above all I’m interested in how much of what I read and see might be a possibility within my lifetime. If your interested in what I’m currently reading, just open the side menu.

I’ll try and take whats currently popular in science fiction, what people are reading, what I am reading, whats on the TV and at the cinema and see whats really possible. You might also get some classic science fiction thrown in just for good measure as well.

So I’m here to take you a journey into the unknown, into our future and out into space, to see if the most current science fiction can be a reality.